Bubbles the Turtle

Bubbles is a very outgoing turtle who loves to be surrounded by his friends and new animals, which normally become new friends. He feels very special, because he’s the only one in his group of friends that has a shell. The others love to rub his shell like a genie’s bottle, pretending that they’ll receive three wishes. Bubbles enjoys catching underwater currents that let him drift away in search of new adventures. He also loves singing sea shanties to his friends, and seems to always have a new song for them everyday. His friends don’t know, but Bubbles pretty much always comes up with his own lyrics.

Bubbles isn’t a big fan of the dark and normally tries to avoid it at all costs. He feels like something is lurking in the dark, almost ready to chase him at any moment. Of course, Bubbles just has a very creative imagination and there’s no reason to be afraid. His friends try to make him feel better whenever he gets spooked. His greatest wish in the world is to put on a concert for all the animals in the sea, where he can sing all the sea shanties he’s created.