Finn the Shark

Finn is the newest addition to the Sea Animal Club. Before he met his new friends, everyone was always scared of Finn for being a shark. He normally ended up hiding in coral or underwater caves. He was hiding from a group of clown fish when Pebble found him, but the sea animal friends instantly loved him.

Finn loves to play games and gets bored very easily. His favorite game to play is eye spy, because his eyesight is way better than his friends. He can usually see things in the far distance that they can’t, so he always ends up winning!

His least favorite game is anything that doesn’t let his swim around. He doesn’t like to just sit around in the quiet. Finn’s greatest fear in the whole world is the surface of the water. He thinks it’s really weird not being able to see water above his head – sharks should always see water above them. Finn wishes to explore the whole sea, leaving no rock unturned and no coral unseen. He feels like there’s always an adventure waiting to be found.