Pebbles the Penguin

Pebble pretends that he’s the leader of the group and normally takes charge when they plan something new. He loves to volunteer to do anything, but the only thing he won’t volunteer for is taste testing. He loves the food he loves and refuses to try anything new. Why spoil a good thing, right? Pebble also enjoys jumping onto Finn or Spots back as they speed through the water. Since they’re faster than Pebble, the ride always feels like an exciting roller coaster.

Although he pretends to be brave, Pebble scares very easily and has the loudest scream in all the sea. If you’re beside him when he screams, you better cover your ears quick if you don’t want to go deaf! His biggest wish is for more adventures with his friends, something they’ve never done or seen before. He really hopes they can visit the very opposite end of the sea one day.