Rittle Cute Cow, Farm Friends Light-Up Bath Toy


Rittle Cute Cow, Farm Friends Light-Up Bath Toy

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The Most Unique And Cute Bath Toys For Guaranteed Fun Every Time! 

Do you want a fun and cute toy that can keep your baby happy and busy while bathing? 

Look no further! This amazing set of floating Farm Friends is everything you need! 

Learn Why This Is A Must Have For Every Mother Below: 

•It will brighten up bath time and make stronger the bonds between you and your child!
•It is perfect for toddlers that hate water and will become the most effective way to turn bathing into a fun activity!
•Keeps your toddler entertained all the time without your help, providing you with spare time for other activities!
•Every toy animal includes a LED that lights up when in contact with water creating a very appealing, and fun environment for your little one! 

Each Farm Friends set comes assorted in 6 styles (Horse, Sheep, Cow, Pig, Hen, Duck), individually packed that can make for the greatest gifts for any little baby! 

This item includes sealed batteries that have a lifespan up to 7-8 hours when functioning constantly, and does last longer with proper care and use. 

This product is not a lifesaving device. NEVER leave child unattended in the bath. ALWAYS use with adult supervision.