Skippy the Seal

Skippy’s favorite game to play is hide-and-seek, but she never seems to win. Since there’s so much blue in the sea, it’s very hard for Skippy to find proper hiding spots. She normally ends up hiding in an orange coral reef, so she’s always found first. Unlike Finn, Skippy absolutely adores going up to the surface of the water. She loves leaping out of the water and relaxing on her back like a floating leaf.

The only part of lying on the surface is that Spot likes to sneak up from beneath and scare her! Skippy isn’t a fan of loud noises and tends to scurry to the bottom of the sea when there’s lightning and thunder out. Skippy wishes that someone would create a sea amusement park that she could play on. The water is very flat and she loves to jump around, so amusement park rides would be perfect for her!