Splash the Dolphin

Unlike Skippy, Splash doesn’t really like playing hide-and-seek with her friends, because she’s one of the worst at it. Although there are several large objects in the sea, for some reason Splash can never find them once they begin playing. Instead, she likes to dance and crack jokes in order to make her friends laugh. She doesn’t like seeing her friends sad, so she’ll go out of her way to make them feel better. She normally ends up swimming on her back, because she has horrible balance and it always makes the others laugh.

Splash is very afraid of octopuses, because she can’t understand why anyone would need so many legs! She met one octopus before that was sweet, but she tends to run away from the others. If Splash could have one wish, she wishes she could surf a really big wave. She’s seen people do it before and it always looks so exciting.