Spot the Whale Shark

Spot was always self conscious about his white spots until he met his sea animal friends. Like Bubbles, he quickly learned that he was very unique. He’s the only one in the whole group that has spots! The only problem with his spots is when he tries to hide – there aren’t many places in the sea that are as spotty as he is. Spot enjoys eating and would have no problem to just nibble on food all day long if he could.

He also loves to scare his friends whenever they’re not expecting it, especially Pebble and Skippy who scare the easiest. Spot enjoys warm water and doesn’t like swimming in cold water, which makes him feel very sleepy and sluggish. He really doesn’t like being alone either, because it’s too quiet and boring. Even if they’re not doing anything exciting, Spot likes to be around his friends. Spot wishes he could learn how to swim on his back. He normally falls asleep when he tries, but he really wants to learn the trick!