Let's Play Hide and Seek!



The sea was bustling with fun and adventure as five best friends finished their race. Bubbles the Turtle was first and danced a silly jig. He watched as one by one his friends crossed the finish line. 
    “I won!” Bubbles shouted with glee. 
    “Good job, Bubbles!” Said Skippy the Seal.
    “I was sure I’d win!” Snickered Splash the Dolphin. Pebbles the Penguin and Spot the Whale Shark were in last place. They relaxed for a second, but quickly grew bored. 
    “Do you want to play a game of hide-and-seek?” Skippy asked. Everyone giggled and chuckled, flapping their fins this way and that. “Who’s seeking?”
    “I want to!” Pebble shouted, quickly covering his eyes. “One… two…”
    His friends dashed away, trying to find the best hiding spots in the sea. When Pebble reached ten, he opened his eyes and peeked around. He couldn’t spot anyone right away. 
    “Ready or not, here I come!” Pebble said, slinking around the sea. He spotted a pretty green coral and hurried over. Pebble stayed quiet as he peeked around. Just then, he spotted someone hiding inside. “I found you!”
    But it wasn’t one of his friends. It was a shark! Pebble screamed as the shark screamed back. It was hard to tell who was more scared. 
    “S-Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you!” The shark cried. When Pebble noticed how spooked he was, he swam over and patted the shark on the back. 
    “I-It’s okay, I spook easily. What’s your name?” Pebble asked. 
    “Finn the Shark.” Finn replied. “E-everyone’s scared of me.”
    Pebble thought for a moment before smiling at Finn. “Do you want to play hide-and-seek with my friends and I?”
    Finn smiled and nodded his big head. “I think I actually saw someone hiding in the orange coral.” So together, they slowly swam towards the orange coral. On the count of three, they jumped inside. 
    “Found you!” Finn and Pebble shouted together. Skippy tumbled out with a piece of coral stuck to her fin. 
    “How did you find me? I was orange like the coral reef!” Skippy asked. 
    “With Finn’s help!” 
    “Wow, you’re good!” Skippy smile at their new friend. “I think I saw someone hiding under the sand.” 
    So together, the three friends swam down and found a lump in the sand. On the count of three, they dug around the lump. 
    “Found you!” They shouted together. Bubbles burst out with a giggle. 
    “Darn! I thought it was the best hiding spot.” Bubbles said with a huff. “I saw someone hiding in the old ship wreck.” 
    So together, the four friends hurried over to the ship wreck to have a peek. They spotted a spotty fin sticky out from underneath. On the count of three, the friends rushed over.
    “Found you!” They all shouted at once. Spot tried to escape, but bumped his head on the ship wreck. 
    “I guess having a spotty fin gave me away.” He chuckled. “I think I spotted Splash hiding with some fish over there.”
    We only one friend still hiding, the five sea friends swam over to a cluster of fish. The fish were so tiny that it wasn’t hard to spot Splash hiding in the middle of them. The friends giggled as she looked over. 
    “Shucks, I knew you would find me.” Splash chuckled as she swam over to her friends. “That was so fun!” They were so happy to have a new friend in the group that they couldn’t wait to play their next game together.